A Year in Pupillage

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Our recent pupils and junior tenants discuss their experience of pupillage and the beginning of their careers as barristers at Keating:

Harriet Di Francesco – Becoming a Barrister (pupil 2018/2019) – Harriet considers her reasons for becoming a barrister and demonstrates what life is like as a junior tenant.

Callum Monro Morrison – Year in Pupillage (2018/2019) – Callum reflects on life as a pupil at Keating, including the type of work he has been exposed to and his experience of the all-important tenancy decision.

James Frampton – Year in Pupillage (2016/2017) – James details the different seats of pupillage and touches on life after pupillage.

Emma Healiss – Year in Pupillage (2015/2016) – Emma explains her experience of the pupillage process at Keating.