Annual Keating Pupillage Survey 2023

Date: 2 February 2023

The best barristers do not all come from the same mould. They may be of any ethnicity, from any culture and race, and of any gender (or none at all), any social background, and possess a multitude of diverse characteristics. At Keating Chambers, we want to ensure that we attract the best applicants, offers to the top-talents a pupillage and retains them as tenants.

With that in mind, every year we run a pupillage survey to gather feedback and suggestions from future applicants to improve our recruitment processes and the outreach programmes in which we engage. This year’s survey can be found via the link below and is open until Monday 20 February 2023 at 5pm (UK time).

By providing the details at the end of the survey, candidates can take part in our free prize draw to win copies of “Bewigged and Bewildered” (a book written by a barrister about applying for pupillage), “The Secret Barrister” and Alexandra Wilson’s book “In Black and White” (about the challenges of being a black barrister).

Please see the link to complete the survey.

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