BDABar Mini Pupillage Scheme

Date: 11 November 2022

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with “Bringing [Dis]Ability to the Bar” (BDABar) on their mini-pupillage scheme. BDABar is an organisation led by disabled aspiring barristers and allies, which aims to make the Bar a more diverse and disability-inclusive profession. They are working to dismantle barriers affecting disabled aspiring barristers, and to improve accessibility at the Bar through research, education and mentorships.


BDABar also aspires to reframe the narrative around disabilities by supporting aspiring disabled candidates in attaining mini-pupillages, pupillage and tenancy. Their mini-pupillage scheme matches exceptional applicants with Chambers that desire to improve their accessibility. In partnering with BDABar, Keating Chambers have committed to offer a number of mini-pupillages to successful candidates during 2023.


For students wishing to apply for the scheme, further information, including an application form, can be found at

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