Keating on Offshore Construction and Marine Engineering Contracts

Released: 26 November 2018

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The second edition of “Keating on Offshore Construction and Marine Engineering Contracts” was published in November 2018.

The book, written by Adam Constable QC, provides in-depth guidance on the agreements involved in the construction of ships, rigs and other offshore vessels and structures. It will equip marine construction lawyers with a one-stop reference on all aspects of the modern shipbuilding and offshore engineering contracts and for dealing effectively with the problems that may arise. New features of the second edition include an increase in the scope of the Dispute Resolution chapter, delving further into matters of insurance and expanding jurisdictional coverage to include Australia and Singapore.

Other contributors from Keating Chambers are Jane Lemon QC, Lucy Garrett QC, Abdul Jinadu, Calum Lamont, James Thompson, Thomas Lazur, Ben Sareen, Sarah Williams, Peter Brogden, Paul Bury, Jennie Wild, Emma Healiss and James Frampton. The chapters they cover include:

  • The Nature of an Offshore Construction Contract
  • Introduction to the Standard Forms
  • General Principles of Contract
  • Payment and Damages
  • Performance
  • Change
  • Time for Delivery and Completion
  • Termination
  • Guarantees, Bonds and Insurance
  • Passing of Title, Risks Liens and Delivery Up
  • Dispute Resolution



This book has been published by Sweet & Maxwell and is available to purchase on their website.

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