AMEC Civil Engineering Ltd v Secretary of State for Transport (2005)

Citation: 1 WLR 2339 CA, [2005] Con LJ Vol. 21 No.8 p.640 CA, [2005] 101 Con LR 26 CA, [2005] CILL 2228 and [2005] BLR 227 CA and [2005] CILL 2189 TCC (the meaning of ‘dispute’ and the operation of Clause 66 of the ICE standard form)

Nature of case:
The Court of Appeal considered whether there was a ‘dispute or difference’ capable of being referred to the engineer for a decision before instituting arbitration proceedings; whether the engineer’s decision was valid; and whether the engineer was required to comply with the rules of natural justice.

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John Marrin KC
Simon Hughes KC
Sarah Hannaford KC

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