Contact Details

Date: 21 March 2020

Contacts for Clerks and Staff

Staff contact details are in the individual links below.  Their mobile numbers have been provided here for ease. Please do use them, our re-directed direct dials and emails, to get in touch. Before sending any papers or other paperwork to Chambers, please contact a clerk. For further assistance please email

For accounts, or any other contact questions you may have, please contact between 9am to 5pm.


Contacts for Barristers

Direct contact details for the barristers you know will likely already be available to you and can be found under “Our People”. However, all barristers are happy to provide mobile numbers or other contact details whilst working remotely. Needless to say: all barristers are only an email away!


New Arrangements until Further Notice

Clerks and barristers are very happy to arrange meetings convened over Skype, WebEx or similar media whenever required, and at short notice. You only need ask. Our IT team will be available to ensure that arrangements operate smoothly.

These new arrangements will continue until further notice and under government guidance.


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