IT & Technology

Technological infrastructure is as important to the world today as physical infrastructure. Whatever the sector, the successful installation of a new system or the upgrading of an existing one is usually vital to the day-to-day running of the organisation. Conflicts can often arise from mismatches in understanding – a common problem in IT-related activities. For example, a user’s expectations of a new system may not correspond with the supplier’s perception of what is needed, leading to a dispute combining contractual and technological complexity. Access to the right experience and expertise is vital in trying to avoid such disputes, or in resolving them when they arise.

Keating Chambers has specialists with substantial track records in dealing with IT and Technology contracts and disputes. With several of our members possessing science or engineering backgrounds, Chambers is able to handle an impressively wide variety of IT matters. Members of Chambers have written on key technological developments, including in KC Legal Update – Summer 2018.