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Life as a junior tenant is busy and varied. In the early years our tenants can expect to run their own cases both in the County Court and in the High Court. They will also be working with more senior members of Chambers as junior barristers in higher value disputes. We place great emphasis on advocacy skills and seek to ensure our juniors are in court as much as possible.

We are a friendly and sociable Chambers. You can expect a lively social life and a great deal of Chambers camaraderie. All members of Chambers will be very willing to assist with advice and discussion of your cases.

In their first years of practice, tenants can expect earnings equivalent to those in other top sets of commercial chambers.

To gain an understanding of what it is like to practise in┬ácommercial law and the skills required watch Lucy Garrett QC’s talk given at the TARGETjobs Law National Pupillage Fair.