Wellbeing and Support

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It is a strong ethic of Keating Chambers and its members to offer a wide network of support from pupillage through to tenancy and thereafter. All pupils have a nominated junior member of Chambers to act as their “mentor” who can offer moral and practical support to them during pupillage. Pupils can talk confidentially to their mentor about any problems they may have. This is in addition to regular structured feedback from pupil supervisors and a pupillage review at the end of the first six months.

Our pupil supervisors are very aware of the importance of putting careful thought and discussion into how work can be improved and put great emphasis on their role in the training and development of their pupil. Individual welfare is also of utmost importance, and we expect pupils to take holiday during the year of pupillage.

Our aim is for pupils to become fully integrated into life at Chambers from the outset and they are therefore invariably involved in Chambers’ social and marketing events.

We have been awarded a Certificate of Recognition from the Bar Council in recognition of our wellbeing policy