Virtual Pupillage Fairs

Date: 1 October 2020

We are pleased to be attending the following virtual pupillage fairs in 2020 and look forward to meeting with prospective pupils.

  • Legal Cheek Pupillage Fair on 3 October
  • Bar Council Pupillage Fair on 17 October – In addition to our booth, Lucy Garrett QC and Tom Owen will also be sitting on the CV clinic)
  • ULaw Pupillage FairĀ on 14 November
  • BPP Law School Pupillage Fair on 19 November
  • TargetJobs Pupillage Fair on 28 November – In addition to our booth, Krista Lee QC will be sitting on a diversity at the Bar panel and Lucy Garrett QC will be sitting on a Commercial Law panel. Both of these sessions will be held in the afternoon and further details will be released by TargetJobs Law nearer the time.
  • Legal Cheek Second Pupillage Fair on 5 December – In addition to our booth, we will be hosting a panel session on Diversity at the Commercial Bar (further details to be announced).

We encourage you to switch your video on (where there is the option to do so) and ask us questions, to enable to virtual pupillage fairs to be as interactive and beneficial as attendance at physical fairs.

To keep up to date on our attendance at these virtual pupillage fairs, please visit our designated pupillage Twitter account or follow us on Instagram.

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