Who’s Who Legal UK Bar 2021

Date: 28 April 2021

Who’s Who Legal’s 2021 UK Bar Guide was launched this month and Keating Chambers are delighted to have 35 individual rankings across construction, energy, international arbitration, government contracts, professional negligence and mediation.

  • John Uff CBE QC – John Uff CBE QC is highlighted for his “very impressive experience and insight” into construction and engineering law.
  • Christopher Thomas QC
  • John Marrin QC – John Marrin QC is revered for his “excellent temperament as presiding arbitrator” in complex construction, engineering and energy disputes.
  • Stephen Furst QC
  • Tim Elliott QC – Tim Elliott QC possesses “deep legal knowledge and excellent judgement”, and is highly sought after as arbitrator in domestic and international proceedings.
  • Robert Gaitskell QC – Robert Gaitskell QC “controls proceedings very well and effectively builds relationships with the involved parties”, ultimately achieving “excellent results” as a mediator.  Robert Gaitskell QC is revered for his “detailed knowledge of construction and engineering matters” along with his “efficiency, good humour, patience and eye for detail” as arbitrator. Robert Gaitskell QC for his “excellent work on technical and engineering disputes”.
  • Philip Boulding QC
  • Marcus Taverner QC – Marcus Taverner QC is recognised as a “brilliant cross-examiner” who possesses “an impressive work ethic and strong leadership skills”.
  • David Thomas QC – David Thomas QC “does a fantastic job every time” according to impressed sources who highlight his expertise in disputes that intersect the construction and energy sectors.
  • Alexander Nissen QC– Alexander Nissen QC is an “excellent strategist” who “understands how tribunals react and is great at presenting evidence”. His “legal analysis is without comparison and faultless” and he “quickly gets to the heart of every problem” for his clients.
  • Rosemary Jackson QC – Rosemary Jackson QC earns recognition as “an exceptionally talented silk” for mediation, and has 40 years’ experience across a variety of construction disputes.
  • Sarah Hannaford QC – Sarah Hannaford QC is “among the very best advocates in the field” according to peers who note her “excellent client management skills” and “realistic and robust approach”. The “brilliant” Sarah Hannaford QC secures endorsements as a “fierce and thorough advocate” and “all-round extremely impressive barrister who combines determination with tenacity”.
  • Simon Hargreaves QC – Simon Hargreaves QC is revered for his top-notch work on contractual disputes relating to plant construction projects and engineering matters.
  • Richard Harding QC – Richard Harding QC impresses peers with his “strong Middle East practice” which sees him regularly involved in high-value infrastructure, energy and engineering disputes across the region. Peers commend Richard Harding QC for his fine track record in construction, engineering and infrastructure disputes in the Middle East.
  • Veronique Buehrlen QC
  • Sean Wilken QC
  • Vincent Moran QC
  • Adam Constable QC – Adam Constable QC stands out as an “unflappable advocate” who “assimilates information quickly and remains calm during tense proceedings”. Adam Constable QC is an “extremely eloquent and authoritative individual” who “has judges eating out of his hands”. He is highlighted for his “impressive written and oral submissions” and considered “a very effective cross-examiner”.
  • Simon Hughes QC – Simon Hughes QC is a “tactically astute individual who is able to see the case from the other side” and is “very adept at reading the tribunals and identifying exactly what they will find persuasive”.
  • Marc Rowlands QC
  • Piers Stansfield QC – Piers Stansfield QC garners plaudits as top-flight barrister with vast experience in highly technical construction and engineering disputes.
  • Fionnuala McCredie QC – Fionnuala McCredie QC receives widespread praise for her meticulous approach in large-scale procurement challenges.
  • Justin Mort QC
  • Jonathan Selby QC
  • Lucy Garrett QC
  • Paul Buckingham
  • Richard Coplin
  • Calum Lamont – Calum Lamont is hailed a go-to barrister for public procurement challenges and construction disputes.  Calum Lamont is a “very analytical and clear-thinking advocate” who excels in shipbuilding, construction and energy-sector disputes.
  • William Webb
  • Rachael O’Hagan
  • Paul Bury
  • David Sheard
  • Tom Owen
  • Simon Taylor
  • James Frampton

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