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We believe that a mini-pupillage is a very good way to familiarise yourself with us and our work, and recognise the importance it plays in the decisions you take about the direction of your career. We therefore offer a limited number of unassessed mini-pupillages each year to high calibre applicants likely to be strong candidates for pupillage in Chambers.

Mini-pupils generally spend three days in Chambers. On arrival at Chambers you will be allocated a mini-pupil supervisor who will look after you during your placement. They will organise as varied and stimulating an introduction to the work in Chambers as such a snapshot allows. Mini-pupils will be asked to perform tasks for their supervisors including reviewing papers and researching points. Your mini-pupil supervisor will also introduce you to other members of Chambers whom you will observe either at court hearings, in arbitrations or in conference with clients. These members will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Mini-pupillage in Keating Chambers is not a pre-requisite to an application for a pupillage. Applications for mini-pupillage are very competitive and you should not be dissuaded from applying for pupillage with us if your application for a mini-pupillage is unsuccessful.