Selection Criteria

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Our Selection Criteria are as follows:

  • Intellectual Ability
    A very good academic record, including post graduate qualifications where applicable. The ability rapidly to master and retain complex and extensive information, to identify essentials, to produce pragmatic and practical solutions and to respond quickly to intellectual challenge, which may be demonstrated through academic achievements and/or employment.
  • Motivation
    A high level of drive and determination. A desire to practise commercial law.
  • Relationships
    The ability to have sustained collaborative relationships with a wide range of colleagues, members of professional teams and clients.
  • Temperament
    The ability to sustain attention while working with complex material for long hours against deadlines; to remain calm and to retain priorities whilst meeting unexpected demands; to be confident and objective in challenging circumstances.
  • Impact
    Articulate, confident, of the highest integrity, perceptive, sensitive to situations and demonstrating sound judgment.