Carillion Construction Ltd v Devonport Royal Dockyard

Citation: BLR 310 TCC

Nature of case:
This case arose out of proceedings by the contractors to enforce an adjudication award in their favour, which were joined with the client’s application for a declaration that the decision was unenforceable.  The adjudicator’s refusal to consider evidence he regarded as irrelevant was neither a breach of natural justice nor an excess of jurisdiction.  Only in exceptional circumstances would a decision be regarded as unenforceable due to inadequacy of reasons.  The Scheme provides (Clause 20(c)) for the award of interest, although it would not override an express contractual term dealing with interest.  This is part of wider litigation first reported in BLR 2003.

See other reports:

[2006] BLR 15 CA
[2006] CILL 2297 CA
[2005] Times Law Reports 24 Nov CA
[2003] BLR 79 TCC


Stephen Furst QC

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