P4 Ltd v Unite Integrated Solutions plc

Citation: BLR 150 (summary judgment)

Nature of case:
Supplier P4 sought damages against contractor Unite for alleged conversion of goods, a computer addressable emergency lighting system in university accommodation, supplied to Unite’s sub-contractor, which had become insolvent before P4 was paid. Unite sought summary judgment against P4 on the ground that the conversion claim had no real prospect of succeeding, but the court refused the application, principally because the factual and contractual issues were unsuitable for summary determination. The case is notable for discussion of delivery and disposition of goods under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and Factors Act 1889.

Also reported in:
[2007] BLR 1 TCC
[2007] CILL 2422 TCC
[2007] BLM Vol.24 No.1 TCC


Lucy Garrett QC

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