Construction Seminar Leeds


24th May 2016

Keating Chambers is holding a construction seminar in Leeds on Tuesday, 24 May 2016. Led by experts in the field, this seminar will provide in-depth analysis across a number of ‘hot topics’ within the construction industry.

Topics and Speakers

  • Paul Darling OBE QC – Termination – Under Contract and at Common Law: Interplay of Principles & Remedies
  • Simon Hughes QC – Interpretation, Implication and Rectification of Contract Terms – what does it all mean?
  • Simon Hargreaves QC – Getting Their Documents: a discussion of the various ways in which the other side’s documents might be obtained in preparation for a claim or dispute.
  • Vincent Moran QC – Removing a Tribunal for Apparent Bias (and the wider implications of Cofely Ltd v Anthony Bingham and Knowles Ltd).


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