Planning for Beauty, or the ‘Provably Popular’. A New Urban Design Agenda?


23rd November 2021

On 23 November Charles Banner QC is joining a host of experts in planning and the law, public consultation and design to take part in a panel debate about what the new ‘beauty-agenda’ really means.

Panellists will discuss whether this is an attempt to weaken the role of professional judgment in place making and design, or to change the balance between what the market or the development plan requires.

Additionally, how will the new ‘beauty-agenda’ practically be applied to plan making and the development process, from design development through to public consultation and the determination of applications, or at the sharp end of the process, in appeals and applications called in for the Secretary of State’s own determination?


Dr Chris Miele, Partner, Montagu Evans LLP
Simon Ricketts, Partner, Town Legal LLP
Charles Banner QC, Barrister, Keating Chambers
Deborah Saunt, Director, DSDHA


Registration is free. To secure your place click here.


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