SCL HK Online Annual Conference – Planning For The Unexpected


17th November 2020

SCLHK’s flagship Annual Conference has been be moved online, due to Covid-19. This will be a series of 4 webinars to be held at 6pm.

Unexpected events regularly occur during the life of a construction project. These may include accidents, unforeseen ground conditions or even force majeure events. Some of these events will have more severe consequences than others. The Annual Conference Series will explore how these various unexpected events may impact a construction project, and how to plan for and mitigate such risks, particularly in a post Covid-19 world.

17 November 2020 – Session 1 – Force Majeure / Covid-19

A review and discussion of the contractual provisions and principles governing events of force majeure, including:

  • What is force majeure and how are such events defined under contract?
  • Potential consequences of force majeure events;
  • How has covid-19 affected the construction industry and what are the problems so caused?
  • How has contracting parties dealt with these problems caused by covid-19?

Chairperson: Sean Wilken QC, Keating Chambers
Speaker 1: James Howells QC, Atkin Chambers
Speaker 2: Jennie Wild, Keating Chambers
Speaker 3: Kaiser Leung / Ellen Pang, Des Voeux Chambers

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Full Programme

To view the full programme of sessions including dates, topics and speakers, please click here.

Titles include:

19 November 2020 – Session 2 – Unforeseen ground conditions – A review and discussion of the common issues concerning unforeseen ground conditions

24 November 2020 – Session 3 – Impossibility and frustration – A review and discussion of the availability of an argument that a contract or part thereof is impossible to perform

26 November 2020 – Session 4 – Insurance and bonds – A review and discussion of the common insurance issues in the construction industry


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