Private Finance Initiative (PFI) / Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects involve alternative financial structuring, procurement and risk allocation for public sector projects.  PFI/PPP projects are common, domestically and internationally.

PFI/PPP are used for a variety of facilities and projects, including: bridges; tunnels; power stations; energy facilities; roads; transport networks; street lighting, water systems; leisure facilities; schools; hospitals; defence facilities.

PFI/PPP projects pose a number of legal challenges, in particular:
– To achieve the completion, quality and availability of the asset/facility constructed.
– To give security for the funders providing the finance.
– To allocate risk and responsibilities between the participants.

Keating Chambers has strength across the board in this area and members have appeared in some of the leading cases.

Our expertise includes acting for employers, project companies, joint ventures, and special purpose vehicles, construction contractors and sub-contractors, facilities management contractors and sub-contractors, public authorities and lenders.