Dispute Resolution Boards

Keating Chambers has in-depth knowledge and experience of all types of dispute boards, internationally and domestically, whether boards for adjudication (DAB) or review (DRB), and whether standing or ad hoc. Senior members of chambers are currently chairing some of the world’s major dispute boards, dealing with, amongst other projects, international nuclear power plants, while other members are representing parties in ad hoc dispute board adjudications internationally, including in the Middle East and the Caribbean. Members of Keating also write and lecture regularly on the subject, and a number of members belong to the various industry groups (e.g. DBF and DRBF) concerned with such procedures.

A group of members of Keating Chambers, most with dual qualifications as professional engineers and barristers, produce the Construction Dispute Resolution Handbook (3rd ed, 2016), widely used internationally, which includes a section on dispute boards. We also have wide experience of the FIDIC standard forms which expressly require dispute boards as part of their dispute resolution procedures, and a member of chambers is one of the authors of Understanding the FIDIC Red & Yellow Books (3rd ed, 2018).