Technology and Construction Court Recordings – by Tom Lazur

10th November 2021

Tom Lazur has been recording weekly video law reports covering judgments from the Technology and Construction Court as a useful way for construction lawyers to keep up to date with the latest decisions. The first four episodes are available below and future episodes can be accessed by subscribing to Tom’s YouTube channel here.


Episode 5: Blue Manchester v Bug Alu Technic [2021] EWHC 3095 TCC

Compliance with the new practice direction for witness evidence.

Episode 4: John Doyle v Erith [2021] EWCA Civ 1452; TCC VCR 4

Adjudication enforcement; liquidation; claims and counterclaims; determination of net balance; security; practice and procedure for enforcement.

Episode 3: Equitix v Fox et al 2021 EWHC 2531; TCC VCR 3

Share Purchase Agreement; Biomass Boilers; Breaches of Warranty; Measure of Loss; Mitigation.

Episode 2: CC Construction v Mincione [2021] EWHC 2502 (TCC)

Procedures for notifying and certifying defects; challenge to conclusivity of Final Statement; adjudication enforcement; breach of natural justice; failure to consider relevant defence.

Episode 1: Downs Road v Laxmanbhai [2021] EWHC (TCC)

Valid Payment Notices; Enforcement of Adjudicators Award; Failure to Consider Valid Defence; Severability of Decision; Consequences.


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