Webinar: Public Works Contracts


17th September 2020

Our webinar series returns on Thursday 17 September 2020 at  10am (UK time) with a webinar on public works contracts.

We invite you to join us to discuss current hot topics and unresolved questions following the Court of Appeal’s ground-breaking judgment in Faraday Development Ltd v. West Berkshire Council [2019] PTSR 1346, including:

  • Where is the line now drawn between what is and what is not a public works contract?
  • Are VEAT notices still a reliable means of reducing risk and if so in what circumstances?
  • Other recurring issues, including: (i) can Regulation 32 be used for contracts now caught by Faraday? (ii) The Regulation 18 anti-avoidance rule, and (iii) how real is the post-Faraday risk given the reduced pool of potential challengers following Wylde?

At the end of the webinar, our panel of 4 will be available for a short Q&A. You are invited to submit questions in advance by email to marketing@keatingchambers.com or on the Q&A panel during the live event.


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