Date: 30 October 2020

We are seeking views to assist Keating Chambers to improve its recruitment processes. We want our chambers to reflect the diversity of the people we serve and seek to serve. We have work to do, particularly around race, and we want to improve our recruitment processes.

The best barristers do not all come from the same mould.  They may be of any ethnicity, from any culture or race, of any gender (or none at all), any social background, and possess a multitude of other, diverse, characteristics.  Keating Chambers wants to ensure that it attracts the best applicants, offers the best applicants a pupillage and retains them as tenants.  To this end, we are conducting a root and branch review of our recruitment processes.

As part of our review we are openly seeking views to help determine what the very best processes might look like.  We therefore invite you to respond to this call for evidence.

We aim to implement the key findings from our review in time for the next round of pupillage applications, which opens in January 2021 and ends with offers being made in May 2021.   Accordingly, we invite responses from 30 October 2020 to 11 December 2020.

By way of thank you, participants can choose to be entered into our free prize draw to win a copy of Bewigged and Bewildered (a book about pupillage), The Secret Barrister or Alexandra Wilson’s book In Black and White (about the challenges of being a black barrister) by providing their details at the end of this survey.



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