(5) Selection for Pupillage

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Selection for pupillage will be on the basis of the total of each member of the panel’s marks against each criterion or part criterion for each candidate together with the candidate’s marks in the written case study.  These will be weighted as follows:  60% marks from the second interview and 40% marks from the written case study.

Each of the top three candidates on the basis of the total marks will be offered a pupillage subject to satisfying all of the Selection Criteria, which will in most circumstances require each candidate to achieve a minimum mark of 85% overall.

If the 4th and 5th place candidates have achieved the minimum mark, they may be offered a pupillage if one or more of the top 3 refuses the offer.

The formal offer of pupillage will be made in accordance the Pupillage Gateway’s timetable.

Those who have not been selected for a pupillage offer shall be informed promptly. Unfortunately, due to the number of applications we receive, we cannot give reasons for rejection or feedback on individual applications.  Candidates will be informed of our policy regarding second or subsequent applications (ie that it is necessary to show a material change of circumstances for your application to be considered again).

We wish you all the very best of luck.