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Keating Chambers: The Podcast is a new fortnightly podcast brought to you by barristers and staff from Keating Chambers. It features a combination of key case law updates, historical case reviews, interviews with legal experts and informal discussions of aspects of Chambers life. The bitesize analyses will focus on issues arising from our key practice areas (including construction, energy, international arbitration, planning and procurement), as well as other themes affecting the Bar and general industry hot topics. It will be of particular interest to those in the legal profession or construction industry, and students interested in becoming a barrister. Please note that this podcast does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied on as such.

Our podcasts are also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

Life in Chambers

Our first podcast focusses on what life at Keating is like during all stages of your career at the Bar, from pupillage through to silk. Lucy Garrett KC (Head of the Pupillage Committee) chats to Simon Hargreaves KC, Charlie Thompson, Elizabeth Donnelly and Marie Sparkes about what attracted them to Keating; from the type of work we do, to the social side of Chambers. They share their experiences of cases they have been involved with, the support of their colleagues and how Chambers has adapted in the time of COVID-19. This podcast will be of particular interest to students looking to develop a career as a commercial barrister.

Tips and Tricks for Pupillage Applications and Interviews

This podcast provides pupillage candidates with tips on how to approach their application forms and any subsequent interviews, with perspectives from recent pupils and members of our Pupillage Committee. Lucy Garrett KC (Head of the Pupillage Committee) is joined by junior tenants, Charlie Thompson and Ben Graff, and two of our current pupils, Wen-Jin Teh and Lena-Marie von Eynern. Whilst providing their top tips, they each share their personal experiences of applying for pupillage, discuss pupillage and mini-pupillage during a pandemic, and explain what they enjoy most about our areas of work. The podcast will be of particular interest to those students looking to apply for pupillage during the current application window.

Routes to the Bar

In this podcast, Lucy Garrett KC speaks to Paul Buckingham, Tom Lazur and Ben Sareen about their different career routes to the Bar. With varied backgrounds in strategy consultancy, chemical engineering and advertising, they discuss why they moved to the Bar, how they approached the application and interview processes, and why it was the right decision for them. The panel focus on the accessibility of construction law to those with non-technical backgrounds and the transferrable skills they brought from their previous careers. The podcast will be of interest to all pupillage candidates and particularly those whose first degree was not in law and mature students looking to change their career.


Trailer: Transforming Public Procurement – the Green Paper Mini-Series.

David Gollancz introduces Keating Chambers’ mini-series of three podcasts about the governments Green Paper: Transforming Public Procurement. All episodes are being released together and are available now in time for responses to the consultation on 10 March 2021.

Transforming Public Procurement: Episode 1 – Meeting the UK’s Needs.

Keating Chambers’ barristers discuss the government’s Green Paper proposals for reform of public procurement legislation to help listeners navigate the issues. Who defines the public good and will the Scottish and UK governments agree? Will the National Procurement Policy Statement be mandatory and micro-managerial?  Will the Review Unit really improve commercial capability?  With Charles Banner KC and David Gollancz.

Transforming Public Procurement: Episode 2 – Open and Transparent Contracting.

Keating Chambers’ barristers discuss the government’s Green Paper proposals for reform of public procurement legislation to help listeners navigate the issues. How does the “publish early and publish all” approach sit with the government’s wish to impose the least burden on the public sector – or businesses?  Given how hard authorities find it to comply with FOI, EIR and GDPR, how will they manage open contracting? What actually is transparency and do the proposals promote it?  With Fionnuala McCredie KC and David Gollancz.

Transforming Public Procurement: Episode 3 – Fair and Fast Challenges.

Keating Chambers’ barristers discuss the government’s Green Paper proposals for reform of public procurement legislation to help listeners navigate the issues. Low-value and in-flight cases to a generalist Tribunal or two tracks in the TCC?  Reforming the test for the automatic suspension: ditch the adequacy of damages test? Will we miss debrief letters when they’re gone?  And if maximum damages are 1.5 x bid costs, will anyone bother to challenge anyway?  With Sarah Hannaford KC and David Gollancz.


Public Procurement in Transition – Again

Following IP Completion Day on 31 December 2020, EU law no longer applies in the UK…except that it sort of does.  Simon Taylor and David Gollancz discuss the effect of the amended Regulations: why economic operators in the EU and the GPA have different rights (and what about Gibraltar?), which case law will apply when, can utilities still apply for exemption, and how will the playing field be levelled between the UK home nations?

Standing in Public Procurement Judicial Review

Charlie Banner KC and David Gollancz review the cases on standing for judicial review in procurement, from Mass Energy in 1994 to Good Law Project in 2021, by way of Pergau Dam and Chandler.

For a list of the cases and statutes referred to in this podcast, please click here.


A Point of Planning Law in a Construction Dispute: Clin v Walter Lilly in the Court of Appeal

What constitutes ‘Demolition’ under S74 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990? In this episode, Charlie Banner KC and John Steel discuss the Court of Appeal decision in Clin v Walter Lilly & Co. Ltd [2021] EWCA Civ 136 which addressed that very question. The podcast seeks to contextualise the decision of the Court in the history of the litigation, the relevant planning statutes and the applicable case law, namely the House of Lords decision in Shimizu [1997] 1 WLR 168. The discussion features an analysis of the Court of Appeal’s decision and the submissions of the Parties before the Court.


Raising Our Pulse

Having recently announced the date of the Keating Chambers and London Pulse Netball Corporate Cup, this podcast explores our partnership with the club and how Pulse have been raising the profile of women’s sport. Marie Sparkes, our Head of BD and Marketing speaks to Sam Bird, CEO and Director of Netball at London Pulse, and Jennie Wild, one of our junior barristers at Keating Chambers. The three women discuss how netball has impacted their lives positively, the parallels between challenges faced in sport and in the law, and how the Corporate Cup will play an important role in funding Pulse’s community programme and ensuring access to netball for women and girls from diverse backgrounds.


Demystifying the Bar

In this podcast, Keating barristers Lucy Garrett KC, James Thompson, Charlie Thompson, Jennie Wild and clerk Jade Clark discuss and myth-bust some of the common misconceptions about life at the Commercial Bar. With varied backgrounds, routes to the bar and experiences to date, they discuss the perception that the Bar can be an isolated place to practice law, finances, clerking and professional support in chambers, diversity, and family life, as well as some of the more specific aspects of construction law and building a practice at Keating Chambers. We hope this podcast will give prospective pupils a unique and honest insight into the world of commercial barristers, and lift the veil on some of the areas not often addressed elsewhere.