Challenges and Opportunities in a New Decade: The Impact of the Changing Legal and Political Landscape on Arbitration

10th October 2019

The Dutch Arbitration Association will hold its seventh annual conference on Thursday, 10 October 2019. During this year’s event, a range of recent and future developments will be discussed as well as their impact on arbitration and the manner in which arbitrations will be conducted in the near future. These developments will, amongst others, include the rise of commercial and investment courts, the effects of regulation, such as the GDPR, and the stances of local courts in annulment and enforcement proceedings.

Chin Leng Lim will join Panel Discussion 2 – Investment law and the new frontier: the challenges and opportunities that investment courts may bring about.

Event Details

Date: Thursday 10 October 2019
Time: Conference: 9:45-17:45  /  Cocktail Dinatoire: 17:45-0:00  /  Diversity Networking Breakfast: 8:15-9:45
Venue: The Hermitage, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Click here to view full event details and register via The Dutch Arbitration Association website.


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