Alstom Power Limited v Somi Impianti S.r.l (2011)

Citation: (Summary judgment and contempt of court, judgment 21 December 2011) [2011] EWHC 3941 (TCC), [2012] All ER(D) 170 (Jan)

Nature of case:
Alstom Power was successful in its summary judgment application for injunctions to prevent Somi Impianti from removing turnover packages documentation from a power plant building site in South Wales. Following the termination of Somi’s work on the site under a sub-contract with Alstom, the documentation was a critical part of allowing Alstom to complete its work under the main contract.
Additionally, Somi was fined £40,000 for contempt of court on the basis of two points: first, for its breach of an undertaking given to the court on 10 November 2011 that it would handover turnover documentation by the 16 November 2011; and second, for its breach of an injunction made against it on 21 November 2011.

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Justin Mort KC

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