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Title Date Released
Keating Chambers’ Flagship Lecture Paper – From Ronan Point to Grenfell 15 March 2023
Jane Lemon QC Memorial Competition – Bribes for Contracts, and Contracts for Bribes 2020
Jane Lemon QC Memorial Competition – The Discretionary Enforcement of New York Convention Awards 2020
Keating on NEC 2nd Edition 20 May 2022
Extra-Contractual Recoveries for Construction & Engineering Work May 2022
Apparent bias in award of procurement contract to Public First Limited under regulation 32 PCR 17 June 2021
The International Application of FIDIC Contracts 29 October 2019
Construction Law, Costs and Contemporary Developments 15 November 2018
Keating on Offshore Construction and Marine Engineering Contracts 26 November 2018
Understanding the FIDIC Red and Yellow Books 20 November 2018