Bella Casa Ltd v Vinestone Ltd (2006)

Citation: BLR 72; (2005) 108 Con LR 148; [2006] TCLR 2; [2006] CILL 2344; [2005] All ER (D) 163

Nature of case:
The TCC had to consider the measure of damages in respect of deprivation of use of a residential building following allegedly defective design and construction work.  The court held that such matters as service charges and utility bills might be recoverable in principle, but that general damages calculated by reference to interest on the balance of the purchase price could not be recovered as contrary to principle.

See other reports:
All ER (D) 163 BLM February 2006 Vol.23 No.2 TCC
108 Con LR 148 TCC


Justin Mort QC

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