Callum Monro Morrison

Call: 2018


Tel: +44 (0)20 7257 8751

Practice Overview

Callum Monro Morrison was called to the Bar in 2018 and became a tenant at Keating Chambers in 2019 following the successful completion of his pupillage.

Callum is developing a broad and busy practice across Chambers’ specialisms, including international and domestic cases, both as sole counsel and as junior counsel in larger teams. During pupillage, Callum’s work encompassed a wide range of practice areas, including construction and engineering, professional negligence, energy and natural resources, marine and off-shore, utilities, procurement and insurance. He has worked on cases involving a variety of standard form contracts, including the JCT, NEC, FIDIC and RIBA forms of appointment, as well as bespoke construction contracts, PFI/PPP and turnkey agreements.

In addition to his involvement in a substantial amount of court work (both assisting others and appearing in his own right), Callum has gained experience of various forms of alternative dispute resolution, including adjudication (contractual and statutory) and arbitration (UNCITRAL and LCIA rules).

Before coming to the Bar, Callum worked in the Energy and Natural Resources group of a major international law firm, gaining exposure to high value infrastructure, trade finance and energy disputes. He also volunteered as a mentor for the Gray’s Inn pro-bono programme ‘Vocalise’, where he coached a team of prisoners to debate (victoriously) against the Cambridge Union.

Callum accepts instructions to advise, draft pleadings and represent clients in relation to a broad range of commercial matters, with an emphasis upon construction, engineering, professional negligence and energy disputes.

Practice Areas
  • Advocacy
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Professional Negligence
  • Energy & Natural Resources
  • Insurance
  • Offshore/Marine
  • Adjudication
  • Litigation
  • International Arbitration
  • Procurement
  • Commercial
  • Final hearing (Kingston-Upon-Thames County Court) – appeared on behalf of the Defendant and successfully obtained dismissal of a claim for business interruption losses.
  • Application to reinstate a Defence (Slough County Court) – appeared on behalf of the Applicant and successfully obtained an order granting relief from sanctions, thus reinstating a Defence which had been struck out for failure to serve a directions questionnaire on time.
  • Application for a stay for arbitration (Northampton County Court) – appeared on behalf of the Applicant and successfully obtained a stay of the proceedings under section 9 of the Arbitration Act 1996.
Construction & Engineering
  • Drafted Particulars of Claim on behalf of a building owner for a breach of contract/negligence claim against an earthworks contractor for defective piling at an industrial warehouse.
  • Drafted a Defence on behalf of a bathroom fit-out contractor, against whom liability for various bathroom defects had been alleged by the owners of several apartments.
  • Assisted in drafting Particulars of Claim on behalf of an unpaid demolition contractor.
  • Advised a building contractor on the status of various notices for the purposes of an interim application under a JCT Design & Build Contract (2011 edition).
  • Advised an investment management firm on its prospects of success, the likely measure of damages and whether to accept a Part 36 offer in respect of a claim arising from defective cladding at an office building.
  • Advised a groundworks subcontractor on its prospective claim against a main contractor for the costs incurred repairing a warehouse floor slab.
  • Advised a glazing subcontractor on (a) whether it had formed a binding contract with a main contractor, (b) the terms of that contract and (c) whether those terms permitted adjudication.
Professional Negligence
  • Drafted a Defence on behalf of a property management company against whom it was alleged that negligent failure to provide an out-of-hours emergency telephone service had led to severe flooding at a residential property.
  • Drafted a Pre-Action Protocol Letter of Claim on behalf of a local authority seeking damages in respect of a collapsed floodlight at a rugby stadium.
  • Drafted Particulars of Claim on behalf of a public utilities supplier for a claim against a water-cooling specialist whose products had caused a leak at a telephone exchange.
  • Assisted in advising an NHS trust on its prospects of success (liability and quantum) in a prospective claim against (a) a contract administrator and (b) a specialist water treatment firm.
Energy & Natural Resources
  • Drafted Particulars of Claim and the Reply in a substantial claim against a maintenance contractor for costs incurred as a result of the destruction of a flue gas desulphurisation unit during a fire at a power station.
  • Advised an oil rig decommissioning firm and drafted a Pre-Action Protocol Letter of Response in relation to a sale of goods dispute with the buyer of a reclaimed turbine.
  • Drafted Particulars of Claim on behalf of an insurer for a claim against a guarantee bond.
  • Advised an insurer on the validity of various grounds for declinature against an insured under a legal expenses insurance policy.
  • Advised a main contractor in respect of a claim against an insurer under the Third Parties (Rights Against Insurers) Act 1930 in relation to demolition and asbestos removal works.
  • Assisted in advising an employer on its claim against the PI insurer of an insolvent groundworks subcontractor.
  • Drafted witness statements to support the referral to adjudication of two substantial claims against a main contractor for undervaluation of interim payments and mobilisation and delay costs. The claims related to a large-scale off-shore engineering project. Additionally advised on quantum, the NEC3 compensation event provisions and assisted in drafting the Referrals.
  • Appeared on behalf of the Defendants and successfully resisted an application to enforce an adjudicator’s decision, on the grounds that the adjudicator lacked jurisdiction because there was no contract between the parties, and the case was not amenable to summary judgment in any event.
  • Appeared on behalf of the Referring Party (main contractor) and successfully obtained an adjudicator’s decision to the effect that no further sums were owing to a sub-contractor, since allegedly additional works were in fact within the agreed scope of the subcontract.
  • Drafted the Response and Rejoinder in a final account dispute concerning ground remediation works at a mixed retail and industrial site.
  • Drafted the Rejoinder in a final account dispute concerning the construction of a state-of-the-art dance studio. Legal issues included global claims and liquidated damages. The contract between the parties was in the JCT Standard Building Contract Without Quantities (2011) standard form.
  • Assisted in advising a property developer on contract administrator’s duties and the crystallisation of a ‘dispute’ for the purposes of adjudication under the statutory Scheme for Construction Contracts.
  • Assisted in advising a civil engineering subcontractor on the scope of the notice of adjudication and whether matters outside that notice could be raised in its defence.
  • Drafted a skeleton argument in support of an application to the High Court to obtain an interim prohibitory injunction to prevent threatened trespass and property damage.
  • Assisted in advising a prospective Claimant on the optimum procedure for its claim (Part 7, Part 8, shorter trial scheme, flexible trial scheme).
  • Drafted a Respondent’s statement of why permission to appeal should be refused.
  • Drafted a skeleton argument in support of an application for (a) a mandatory interim injunction to obtain delivery up of certain design materials, and (b) an order that the proceedings be stayed for arbitration.
  • Assisted in advising a Defendant to a substantial multi-party claim on whether it was bound by court decisions in related proceedings (res judicata and issue estoppel).
  • Drafted a skeleton argument for an application to strike out a substantially defective pleading, alternatively to obtain summary judgment against the Claimant.
  • Drafted a skeleton argument on behalf of a Defendant seeking to strike out the re-amended Particulars of Claim at a directions hearing.
  • Drafted a Part 20 contribution notice seeking an indemnity/contribution from five other Defendants.
  • Drafted a Pre-Action Protocol Letter of Claim on behalf of a power generation company seeking substantial business interruption losses from a power station maintenance contractor.
International Arbitration
  • Drafted part of the Opening Submissions and assisted with trial preparation for an international arbitration (UNCITRAL rules) concerning significant delays to the construction of a coal-fired power station. The subcontract between the parties was in the FIDIC Yellow Book (1999) standard form.
  • Assisted with trial preparation for an international arbitration (LCIA rules) concerning the scope of works in a contract for the decommissioning of a nuclear power plant.
  • Assisted in advising a public body on the lawfulness of the exercise of a discretionary power under domestic legislation and general EU law obligations.
  • Assisted in drafting the Defence to a claim brought by a recruitment agency against an engineering consultancy for alleged breach of a personnel assignment agreement.
  • Drafted a skeleton argument for a Defendant’s application to set aside default judgment in a claim for alleged wrongful registration of a default.
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