Title Date Location
Energy Seminar 27th January 2016 London
Professional Negligence Seminar 27th April 2016 London
Construction Seminar Leeds 24th May 2016 Leeds
Offshore Construction Breakfast Seminar 21st September 2016 London
RICS Legal Issues in Construction Conference 29th November 2016 London
Keating Chambers’ Annual Energy Seminar 2017 25th January 2017 London
SCL Annual Conference 2017 3rd March 2017 Leeds
Mumbai Seminar: Starting and Managing SIAC Arbitrations 5th April 2017 Mumbai
Professional Negligence Update 2017 27th April 2017 London
2nd ICC Africa Arbitration Conference 14th May 2017 Nigeria
Birmingham Construction Seminar- Hot Topics in the Industry 17th May 2017 Birmingham
Presenting a case in Mediation- a QC’s perspective 14th June 2017 Hong Kong
Arbitration and Construction Disputes 15th June 2017 Singapore
TCC Guidance Note on Public Procurement Cases 17th July 2017 London
International Construction Contracts & Dispute Resolution – Tehran 6th September 2017 Tehran
Arbitrating in Africa Seminar 12th September 2017 London
Construction Law & Practice in Changing Times 14th September 2017 Singapore
CDR Autumn Arbitration Symposium 2017 21st September 2017 London
CIArb (Western Countries branch) 26th September 2017 Bristol
Hogan Lovells’ Middle East Construction Seminar 26th September 2017 Dubai
SIMC International Mediation Lecture Series 2nd October 2017 Singapore
Marine & Energy Seminar 2017 2nd October 2017 London
Skills Shortage in Construction: building the future post-Brexit 5th October 2017 London
IBA Annual Conference Sydney 2017 8th October 2017 Sydney, Australia
NAWIC – Returning to Work 9th October 2017 Keating Chambers
11th Annual Construction Law Conference 2017 12th October 2017
7th Annual GAR Live Hong Kong 19th October 2017 Hong Kong
Worshipful Company of Arbitrators Annual Dispute Resolution Symposium 26th October 2017 London
SCL Glasgow Talk 2nd November 2017 Glasgow, Scotland
SCL Hong Kong One Day International Conference 2017 3rd November 2017 Hong Kong
RICS Legal Issues in Construction Conference 8th November 2017 London
White Paper Public Procurement Conference 17th November 2017 London
Construction Breakfast Talk – “Delay: When can you terminate?” 21st November 2017 London
Manchester Construction Seminar 22nd November 2017 Manchester
SCL Astra Mock Adjudication Seminar 23rd November 2017 Leeds
Fitness for purpose – SCL Astra Talk 7th December 2017 London
Women at the Commercial Bar 14th December 2017 London
Resolving challenges to public procurements 17th January 2018 Bristol
Keating Chambers’ Annual Energy Seminar 2018 18th January 2018 London
SCL Hong Kong Evening Seminar on alternative rights to terminate a commercial contract 18th January 2018 Hong Kong
NILS Annual International Arbitration Conference 2018 14th February 2018 London
Inaugural Africa Construction Law Conference 21st February 2018 Johannesburg
Arbitration Institutions for Africa – the Great Debate 14th March 2018 London
Professional Liability for Construction Professionals 20th March 2018 Bristol
CIArb Scotland – LOGIC workshop 27th March 2018 Aberdeen
Newcastle Construction Seminar 27th March 2018 Newcastle
Construction Law 101 Course 23rd April 2018 Johannesburg
Deacons Inaugural Construction Forum 24th April 2018 Hong Kong
Equality in Dispute Resolution 24th April 2018 Dubai
Hudson prize-winning presentation 8th May 2018 London
PFI Contracts – Interpretation, Performance Points and Termination 9th May 2018 Manchester
UKELG seminar 14th May 2018 London
Mauritius Arbitration Week 21st May 2018 Mauritius
11th International Conference on Construction Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution 23rd May 2018 Mauritius
White Paper Procurement Conferences 24th May 2018 Manchester, London, Dublin and Belfast
Introduction to Design Obligations 17th July 2018 Bristol
CIArb Construction Law Update 2018 19th July 2018 Warrington
Construction Arbitration and Adjudication Seminar 31st July 2018 Johannesburg
SCL Manchester Seminar on Professional Liability 5th September 2018 Manchester
SCL Leeds Talk: Introduction to Building Contracts – Understanding Key Clauses 6th September 2018 Leeds
FIDIC Contracts Webinar 10th September 2018 International
Middle East Construction Seminar 26th September 2018 Dubai
SCL International – Chicago 28th September 2018 Chicago
Construction Law Conference 2018 2nd October 2018 London
Retention, Disputes & Payments Seminar 10th October 2018 Manchester
Law Rocks at IBA Rome and London 11th October 2018 Rome
South African Construction Forum Conference 18th October 2018 South Africa
RICS Legal Issues in Construction Conference 2018 6th November 2018 London
NEC4 Alliance Contract 6th November 2018 London
Resolving Disputes in Construction 7th November 2018 London
Adjudication Society Annual Conference 8th November 2018 Bristol
PFI Seminar 8th November 2018 London
SCL HK Conference – Defects, Quality and Workmanship 9th November 2018 Hong Kong
Women at the Commercial Bar 15th November 2018 London
White Paper Procurement Conference 16th November 2018 London
SCL Africa International Conference 20th November 2018 South Africa
Worshipful Company of Arbitrators Lecture 27th November 2018 London
Eversheds Sutherland – EPC Contracting conference 28th November 2018 London
Termination under UAE Law and FIDIC 10th December 2018 Dubai & Abu Dhabi
Chartered Institute of Building: Contracts Comparisons 5th March 2019 Maidstone
SCL Annual Spring Conference 2019 8th March 2019 Leeds
The Prevention Principle in the UK and Australia 26th March 2019 Melbourne
GAR LIVE CONSTRUCTION 4th April 2019 Paris
Expert Witness Conference – Commercial, Construction, Property and Professional Negligence 5th April 2019 London
Mauritius Arbitration Week 13th June 2019 Mauritius
Presenting Damages in Construction Arbitration 18th June 2019 Nigeria
Disputes in the Energy Sector and How to Fund Them 9th July 2019 London
2019 London Adjudication & Arbitration Conference 22nd August 2019 London
SCL London: Murphy’s Law 3rd September 2019 London
Richard Harding QC speaking at Bar Council English Law Week in Mexico 3rd September 2019 Mexico
SCL Birmingham: Current Issues in Construction Law 17th September 2019 Birmingham
Murphy’s law: What rights do purchasers of new build properties really have against Building Control, warranty providers and others? 17th September 2019 Keating Chambers
SCL London Autumn Conference 19th September 2019 London
IBA Seoul 25th September 2019 Seoul
Adjudication in Hong Kong 25th September 2019 Hong Kong
Construction Law Conference – Johannesburg 23rd October 2019 Johannesburg
IBA Berlin – 7th Conference on Construction Projects 2nd November 2019 Berlin
RICS Legal Issues in Construction Conference 5th November 2019 London
ICC Annual Arbitration & ADR Conference 6th November 2019 London
Institute of International Experts (Hong Kong) 23rd November 2019 Hong Kong
Women at the Commercial Bar 5th December 2019 Keating Chambers
SCL Hong Kong: Recent Global Construction Cases 15th January 2020 Hong Kong
Annual Energy Seminar 2020 23rd January 2020 London
Chartered ICES and CIArb Manchester Lecture 2020 23rd January 2020
International Tribunals in Interesting Times: A Fireside Chat with Elias and Lim 28th January 2020 London
Manchester Construction Seminar 28th January 2020 Manchester
Have We Got Planning News For You 6th February 2020 Online
Murphy’s law – what rights do purchasers of new build properties really have? 27th February 2020 Manchester
Construction Cast 8th April 2020 Online
Delay Claims – A Practical Guide 23rd April 2020 Online
How to Prove Your Case: Lessons from a Curry House 30th April 2020 Online
Webinar: Adjudication Update 7th May 2020 Online
Force Majeure Webinar 14th May 2020 Online
Remote Hearings Webinar 20th May 2020 Online
Webinar: Common Pitfalls in International Arbitration 28th May 2020 Online
10,000 Steps for Justice 8th June 2020
Virtual Mediations Webinar 11th June 2020 Online
SCL Hong Kong Annual General Meeting 2020 18th June 2020 Hong Kong
Webinar: Introduction to Construction Law in the Gulf 18th June 2020 Online
Online Silks Roadshow – Part 1 25th June 2020 Online
Procurement Webinar 1st July 2020 Online
Construction Cast: Experts 8th July 2020 Online
Conflicts of Interest in International Arbitration 9th July 2020 Online
Oil and Gas Webinar 14th July 2020 Online
Getting Greenfield Housing Developments Through the Planning System 14th July 2020 Online
Role of ADR in Pakistan in Resolving Issues Arising from COVID-19 15th July 2020 Online
Online Silks Roadshow – Part 2 16th July 2020 Online
Adjudication After Bresco 22nd July 2020 Online
Sufficiently Serious Breach – PLA Webinar 5th August 2020 Online
Adjudication Update (CIArb and the Adjudication Society) 3rd September 2020 Online
“Procurement Surgery” 8th September 2020 Online
Webinar: Lessons from the Commission of Inquiry 9th September 2020 Online
“A Non-Oxbridge Experience of the Commercial Bar” 9th September 2020 Online
International Construction Law Conference 10th September 2020 Online
Have We Got Planning News for You – Season 2 Episode 1 – with Special Guest Joanna Averley 10th September 2020 Online
Webinar: Public Works Contracts 17th September 2020 Online
Have We Got Planning News for You – with Rebecca Phillips 24th September 2020 Online
Webinar: The Infrastructure Revolution and What It Means for Planning 25th September 2020 Online
Webinar: Med-Arb and Conciliation 1st October 2020 Online
Have We Got Planning News For You with Bridget Rosewell CBE 1st October 2020 Online
Webinar: Data analytics and ROI – has this been one of the silver linings of Covid 19? 6th October 2020 Online
Arbitration at the Service of a Changing World 8th October 2020 Online
ConstructionCast – Corporate Social Responsibility 14th October 2020 Online
SARS-CoV-2: Six Months Later 15th October 2020 Online
First Six To Silk: From the Perspective of Black Women 26th October 2020 Online
DRBF Connections Conference 2020 29th October 2020 Online
The Planning White Paper – Pegasus Group and Keating Chambers 29th October 2020 Online
Have We Got Planning News For You with Robert Rinder 5th November 2020 Online
Practical tips following the Commission of Inquiry into the Shatin to Central Link Project 6th November 2020 Online
Keating’s “Procurement Surgery” Episode 2 12th November 2020 Online
SCL HK Online Annual Conference – Planning For The Unexpected 17th November 2020 Online
WCA webinar 18th November 2020 Online
IBA Virtually Together Conference 2020 18th November 2020 Online
Introduction to Construction Law 27th November 2020 Online
Women at the Commercial Bar – Student Event 3rd December 2020 Online
Construction Law Case Update 2020 10th December 2020 Online

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