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We are a friendly and welcoming set.  We want to ensure that we attract the best candidates, offer the best candidates a pupillage and retain them as tenants.  We want our chambers to reflect the diversity of the people we serve and seek to serve.  The best barristers do not all come from the same mould.  They may be of any ethnicity, from any culture or race, of any gender or none, have any social background and possess a multitude of other, diverse, characteristics.  To that end, we have carried out a comprehensive review of our selection process and set out below is detailed guidance as to our selection criteria, our process and what we are looking for from candidates at each stage.

Our website includes extensive additional information about life during pupillage and tenancy at Keating Chambers (via a series of videos/podcasts), Members of Chambers, the Pupillage Committee and our work in relation to Diversity and Inclusion: please do browse. We think you will like what you see.

If you need us to make a reasonable adjustment for a disability at any stage we will be happy to do so.  Candidates will be invited to contact a named person at each stage of the process for this purpose.

Selection Process

The selection process consists of five stages:

  1. Application form via the Gateway.
  2. Written case study.
  3. First Interview.
  4. Second Interview.
  5. Selection for pupillage.

At each stage, candidates are assessed against our Selection Criteria. These have been broken down into separate definitions, to provide as much clarity as possible to candidates as to what Keating Chambers is looking for when assessing applications.  The Selection Criteria are very important; you should use them as a guide to every stage of our process.

More information on each of the stages is provided in the links above/tabs to the left, along with our Mark Scheme which includes some specific additional guidance, particularly for the application form stage. We reviewed this mark scheme again for the 2023 application round.

We wish you all the very best of luck.