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We offer up to three 12-month pupillages with an award of £70,000. Of this, an advance of £24,000 is available for drawdown early for BPC fees (incurred or to be incurred) or other expenses at the pupil’s request.

As well as support from chambers via an advance on your pupillage award, there are several other third-party funding sources and scholarships that we would encourage you to explore if you are concerned about the cost of completing the BPC. A few of these options are detailed below (non-exhaustive).

One of the most significant sources of funding are Inns of Court. They have a substantial pot available each year for funding support, varying from small amounts of funding to significant scholarships.

Some BPC providers also offer their own scholarship programmes, including BPP and University of Law.

Additionally, there are various competition prizes and grants available to encourage and promote the study of law. Some suggested essay competitions to consider are the Society of Construction Law (SCL) Hudson Prize and the Bar Council’s Law Reform Essay Competition.